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Discontinued/Retired Branded Stainless Steel Cutlery

Replacements and Additions

Oneida Community Plate and other silver plated makers

Oneida, Old Hall, Viners, Wedgwood, Sant'Andrea, Gense, George Butler, Guy Degrenne, Royal Doulton, Arthur Price etc.






Discontinued / Retired branded cutlery for sale in the U.K

Oneida, Old Hall, Viners, Wedgwood,  Sant'Andrea,  Gense,  George Butler,  Guy Degrenne,  Royal Doulton,  Arthur Price,  Housley,  John Lewis (Jonelle), Webber & Hill,  Spear & Jackson,  Denby,  Noritake,  WMF,  Cooper Bros.


Probably the largest stockist in the U.K.
Established 1993

We ship worldwide


All cutlery is sold per piece - we do not sell boxed sets so you can replace 'lost' pieces or buy full place settings to extend your existing set

Cutlery for sale is either 'new' or in a 'good used' condition.


As with all our discontinued cutlery we have no idea from where or when we will be able to replace stocks once they are sold, so please do not ask for a discount.  Our problem is not selling discontinued cutlery but sourcing it!

If you know the pattern name of your cutlery please click on e-mail address: to request the stock list of the pattern you are interested in 

If you do NOT know the pattern name please click on the relevant heading on the right hand side column to see a selection of sample knife images to identify the pattern name

If your pattern is NOT shown, to help us to try to identify it, please click on e-mail address: and send a .jpg image (no larger than 640 x 480 pixels) of a knife, fork and spoon together with the wording on the back of a fork. 


Image below shows a very small selection of patterns available.  If you do NOT know the pattern name of your cutlery these, and many many more sample knife images, are shown on the relevant makers' pages in the right hand column.  Just click on the maker you want



We also buy new or second hand cutlery in very good condition.  Please e-mail the maker's name, pattern name of the cutlery, list of pieces and quantities available, plus an image.


If you have any queries at all please e-mail:


Please note that we do not provide valuation or appraisal services

Just a note to let you know that the cutlery box arrived safely the other day. It was in excellent condition and the cutlery set we have fits very well. We filled up the few spare slots with some Kings Pattern serving spoons.  

Jill and I are very pleased with the prompt and thoughtful service you provided, and we’ve passed on your name to a couple of other people also looking for boxes. The prices for cutlery boxes in Australia are usually exorbitant
and the condition is generally at the lower end of the scale. We won’t have any hesitation in contacting your again if we acquire another service that needs a box of the quality you provide.

Sincerely:   Anthony and Gillian Australia 10th August 2019


*Thoroughly recommended*

If anyone needs to see how efficient a company is then look at

Excellent communication from you via the website, clarity,  sufficient details with an easily understood ordering process and a very extensive range of cutlery.

From first viewing of site on sixteenth March,  making order,  then payment, to receiving the goods today 20th March all without the slightest problem that is the best example of service and satisfaction that you can ever have.

The bonus is that the cutlery losses experienced during a house move which we were uncertain about was sorted in five days total in contrast to months and months of checking boxes and the removers which was frustrating and time wasting without a result.

Congratulations Cutlery Search may you go from strength to strength. 

From: Trevor in Lymington, Hampshire 20th March 2014

















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Please click on the BROWN headings below to see sample pattern knife images for identification purposes



Arthur Price/John Mason Stainless Steel


Ashberry/Spear & Jackson Stainless Steel


Denby Stainless Steel


George Butler - Stainless Steel


Guy Degrenne Stainless Steel


Housley Stainless Steel


Old Hall Stainless Steel


Oneida Stainless Steel


Royal Doulton Stainless Steel


Sant'Andrea Stainless Steel


Viners Stainless Steel


Webber & Hill - Stainless Steel


Wedgwood Stainless Steel


Miscellaneous Makers


Abert, Amefa, Cooper Bros., Dalia, Elkington,  Firth, Gense, Glosswood, Habitat, Hackman, John Lewis (Jonelle), John Rodgers, Jumbo, Lucky Wood, Mappin & Webb, Marks & Spencer, Monogram, Noritake, Norstaal, Royal Albert, St. Medard, Sanderson, Flower Garden,Villeroy & Boch, Walker & Hall, WMF, Wostenholm



Arthur Price Silver Plate

Oneida Community

Arthur Price, Cooper Bros., Elkington, George Butler, Goldsmiths & Silversmiths (now Garrards), Hiram Wild, Mappin & Webb, Oneida, Smith Seymour, Viners. Walker & Hall


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