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Oneida Community Plate and other E.P.N.S. patterns

Oneida, Viners, Wedgwood, Sant' Andrea etc. Stainless Steel



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Oneida - Accent (Glossy)

Oneida -  Accent (Satin)

Oneida - Aintree

Oneida - Alveston

Oneida - Andorra

Oneida - Aphrodite

Oneida - Apollo

Oneida - Arabesque

Oneida - Aries

Oneida - Artemis

Oneida - Artistic

Oneida - Ascot

Oneida - Athena

Oneida - Athos

Oneida - Bague

Oneida - Ballad Hollow Handle
                            Solid Handle

Oneida - Ballerina

Oneida - Balmoral    Hollow handle
                                    Solid handle

Oneida - Bead

Oneida - Calima

Oneida - Cameo

Oneida - Campden

Oneida - Cantata

Oneida - Capello

Oneida - Capistrano hollow handles
                                    solid handles

Oneida - Cascada

Oneida - Cascade

Oneida - Ceres

Oneida - Chandler

Oneida - Charm

Oneida  - Cherbourg

Oneida - Cherish

Oneida - Chess

Oneida - Cirrus

Oneida - Cityscape

Oneida - Classic Shell

Oneida - Crest

Oneida - Danish Fling/Matinee

Oneida - Debonair
                       Hollow handled knife
                           Solid handled knife

Oneida - Demeter

Oneida - Denver

Oneida - Derby

Oneida - Donizetti

Oneida - Dubarry  Hollow handled knife on left
                                 Solid handled knife on right

Oneida - Duchess

Oneida - Dynamic

Oneida - Easton (Glossy)

Oneida - Epsom

Oneida - Era

Oneida - Essence

Oneida - Fantasia

Oneida - Ferncrest

Oneida - Flight

Oneida - Flourish
Oneida - Frostfire
Oneida - Fusion (Fish Knife depicted)
Oneida - Gatsby aka Anastasia
Oneida - Gemini
Oneida - Georgia
Oneida - Harley
Oneida - Hera
Oneida - Highland Wood
Oneida - Hydra
Oneida - Icarus
Oneida - Ikaria
Oneida  - Islet
Oneida - Jesmond - hollow handles
                                  solid handles
Oneida - Julliard
Oneida - Karina/Plantation

Oneida - Kempton
Oneida - Kensington

Oneida - Kings

Oneida - Lasting Rose Hollow Handle
                                       Solid Handle

Oneida - Libra

Oneida - Lyric Top: Hollow Handle
                     Bottom: Solid Handle

Oneida - Madrid/Bach
   same as Sant'Andrea Bach

Oneida - Maestro Top: Solid Handle
                         Bottom: Hollow Handle

Oneida - Malibu

Oneida - Melissa

Oneida - Mercury

Oneida - Metro

Oneida - Mezzo

Oneida - Mirage

Oneida - Modern Antique

Oneida - Monarch
(same pattern as Sant'Andrea Mozart and Wedgwood Marianne)
Oneida - Morning Rose/Our Rose/
                Forever Rose
Oneida - Mozart
Oneida - Nimbus (Matt)
Oneida - Nocturne
Oneida - Oceanic - Solid Handle Knives
Oneida - Olympia       Hollow Handle Knives
                                      Solid Handle Knives
Oneida - Omega
Oneida - Orion

Oneida - Paradox
Oneida - Prescott
Oneida - Radius
Oneida - Radius Elite
Oneida - Raffia
Oneida - Revenna
Oneida - Roman (hexagonal handle)
Oneida - Roseanne
Oneida - Samos
Oneida - Sand Dune
Oneida - Saturn
Oneida - Savannah
Oneida - Silhouette
Oneida - Simplicity
Oneida - Strata (Glossy)
Oneida - Symbol
Oneida - Textura
Oneida - Thetis
Oneida - Toltec
Oneida - Tone
Oneida - Triana
Oneida - Tribute
Oneida - Tuscany/Wagner
Oneida - Unity
Oneida - Unknown1

Oneida - Vanessa Hollow Handle
                               Solid Handle

Oneida -  Venetia (aka Will O' Wisp)
Oneida - Vienna
Oneida - Village Common
Oneida - Winter Song    Hollow handled knife
                                          Solid handled knife

Oneida - Woodmere
Oneida - Zante





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Amefa Stainless Steel

Arthur Price/John Mason Stainless Steel

Ashberry/Spear & Jackson Stainless Steel

Cooper Bros Stainless Steel

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Sant'Andrea Stainless Steel

Viners Stainless Steel

Webber & Hill - Stainless Steel

Wedgwood Stainless Steel

Miscellaneous Stainless Steel:

Abert,"Bone-handled" Knives, Dalia, Firth, Flower Garden,  Glosswood, Hackman, John Rodgers, Jumbo, Letang Remy, Lucky Wood, Mappin & Webb, Monogram, Norstaal, Royal Albert, St.Medard, Sanderson, Villeroy & Boch, Walker & Hall, WMF, Wostenholm



Arthur Price Silver Plate

Oneida Community

Various EPNS Makers/Patterns i.e. Arthur Price, Cooper Bros., Elkington, George Butler, Goldsmith & Silversmiths (now Garrards), Hiram Wild, Mappin & Webb, Oneida, Smith Seymour, Viners


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